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Student’s Name       - Hansika Rastogi

Parent                      - Mrs. Sonia Rastogi

Designation              - Manager- Marketing

Company Name       - Sonia Enterprises






Kamal Public School as an educational institution facilitates all students with all such activities which are required to groom the overall personality of children. K.P.S. helps children in improving their caliber and instills confidence in them which in turn helps them to boost their confidence. My ward Hansika has acquired and is still acquiring the required qualities which I, as a mother always wanted to inculcate in her. Thus, I have taken a right decision by admitting my child in a school like K.P.S.

Student’s Name       - Aparajita

Parent                      - Mr. Rajesh Gupta

Designation              - Senior Manager

Company Name       - Punjab National Bank,

                                 Treasury Division, Head Office







Last year, when I shifted my family to Delhi, I was searching for a decent CBSE affiliated school in West Delhi for getting my daughter admitted in Class IX. I came upon an advertisement of KPS and enquired about it from my local friends / colleagues. I was told that KPS is an upcoming school for middle class students which provided quality education. So I decided to have a look at school myself. I spent a full day there and met the staff and parents and observed the way the school was being managed. I found that the school management is not pretentious about its set-up and is making sincere efforts to efficiently run the school in a sensible manner.  I liked what I saw and decided to give it a chance to handle the responsibility of imparting quality education to my only daughter.

Now, after more than one year, I have no regrets in having made this decision. My daughter adopted to the school ambience easily. I get regular feedback from her about the functioning of the school and I have no major concern about my daughter’s academic performance. The school management have things under their control and equitable stress is laid on the overall development of the child. The teaching staff is competent and empathetic towards the students and sincere efforts of the children are duly appreciated.

The physical infrastructure/ facilities are good. Children are made aware of the latest developments in the field of education and professional opportunities. This is the reason I have decided for my daughter to continue her association with KPS.

Though privately owned and managed, the KPS management is doing a good job by contributing to the noble cause of spreading education. I wish KPS all the best.

Student’s Name       - Itinderpreet

Parent                     - Mr. Mohan Singh Saini

Designation            - General Manager

Company Name      - Freeze King






Giving education to children is not an easy task these days. Every parent tries to give their children the best education by sending them in best schools and colleges inspite of very heavy financial burden on them. Thankfully, KPS provides quality education with moderate fees charges.

I got my first daughter , Intinderpreet Kaur admitted in the year 2002 when she was 3 and a half years old. Initially, we remained very disturbed as he was too young, and it was not an easy task to leave her in the school for 6 hours. With each passing day, things started getting easier as she adapted to the school environment. She enjoyed the fun filled and sports activities upto level 8 along with achievements in her academics. Now she is in IX class and our expectations have also gone up. We are satisfied and happy and hope the same in future till she chooses a career and does well in her life.

Student’s Name       - Mr. Jaspreet Singh

Parent                      - Mr. Amrik Singh

Designation              - Relationship Manager

Company Name       – American Express Bank






I’ve been working in American Express for the last 6 years as Relationship Manager. The nature of my job includes revenue generation and maintaining business relations with the corporate at 7 major cities in India.

I have great hopes from Kamal Public School with regard to the career of my son who has been studying in KPS for the last 7 years. My daughter also passed out from this school and has always been a topper.

Student’s Name - Megha Diwakar

Parent                - Mr. Rajesh Diwakar

Designation        - Business

Company            - Export House, Gurgaon






I work in an Export House in Gurgaon and have good and healthy relations with my employer. I have two children studying in Kamal Public Sr. Sec. School, Vikas Puri. My elder son, Rajat Diwakar is in class XI & daughter , Megha Diwakar is in class VII. I am satisfied with school. The teachers are very cooperative with parents and students. The school has many activities such as sports, swimming, singing, dancing. There is neat and tidy school canteen where hygienic and fresh food is served. My daughter Megha is always encouraged to participate in the various school activities, such as, dances, debates, races etc. and has also won many prizes. She is also doing well in studies.

Student’s Name       - Ritika Manchanda 

Parent                      - Mr. Gulshan Manchanda 

Designation              - Own Business 

Company Name       - Export House






My relation with KPS has been very good. I always appreciate the way, the staff treats my son. I feel very proud when teachers appreciate my daughter for the Last two years, she is getting 2nd position in her class and is getting many certificates, Good chits etc. She always takes part in different cultural and sports activities also. I am very happy with her performance because she was a very shy and introvert girl before taking admission in this school but now she has gained confidence and participates in different activities. I am more than satisfied with the efforts of the school.

Student’s Name       - Ghafoor Gowher Roauf 

Parent                      - Mr. Mohammed Gowher Roauf 

Company                 - Own Business





Kamal Public School is an authentic, dedicated school for student welfare across different streams.

Education pattern of teaching is perfect. Teachers are cooperative. Physical Education and sports are also developing at a fast pace. The highlights of the school are the smart classes, which have made studies more interesting and less burdensome for the students!!

Student’s Name       - Srishti 

Parent                      - Mr. Sanjeev Khurana 

Designation              -Business 

Company                   -Printing






Kamal Public School is an institution that provides quality education. Both my children study here .My son Studies in class 1 and my daughter in class 7. I am completely satisfied with the style of teaching followed by the teachers. The student-teacher ratio is also appropriate, which allows every student to equally participate , interact and understand in the class.

Student’s Name       -Nikita Kaushik 

Parent                      -Mr. subhash Chander 

Designation             - Astt.C.I.O. 

Company                 - Intlligence Bureau






Kamal Public School Vikaspuri,is located at a place which is surrounded by a green and open area and is quite eco-friendly.

The school has a well built infrastructure, with an open ground and stage for daily activities like P.T. ,games, social and cultural activities. The swimming pool located in the premises of the school, gives the students a chance for physical activities and entertainment.

Technically, the school conducts smart classes using modern teaching aids. As the school syllabus is based on CCE curriculum, it gives an extra advantage to students to match upto CBSE standards.

Last but not the least, quality education is imparted in the school here which is very much the need of the hour for the students to be better citizens of the nation.

Student’s Name       -  Sameer Dahiya – 9A 

Parent                      – Mr. Rohtas Singh 

Designation              – Sub-Inspector (S.I.) 

Company                 – Delhi Police – Crime Branch






I feel humbled and honoured to take this opportunity to tell something about the school (Kamal Public School). According to me, Kamal Public School is absolutely awesome and marvelous. In reality, these words are insufficient to describe the quality education that this school imparts. My son who studies in class 9th of the school has improved drastically in his performance. He joined this school in class 7th. At that time, he was not as intelligent as he has become now. When I saw my son’s FA-1 results, it was just unbelievable for me. He got 19, 18, 20 in all the subjects. I am sure that any child, whether an average or completely dull student, will get good marks with the hard work of K.P.S teachers. Moreover, the system of ‘smart class’ that is there in the school has really helped my child in getting good grades. On the whole, my relationship with the school is just awesome because teachers are very good, school campus is also very good and school canteen food is edible.

Student’s Name       – Milind Pandey – 9A 

Parent                      – Mr. I.C Pandey 

Designation             – Operational Engineer 

Company                 – Reliance Communication






I have known K.P.S since the last ten years, after getting my ward enrolled here. Since then, I have seen a commendable development in the school activities in every sphere. It has earned a reputed name among good schools. I sincerely believe and hope that in the years ahead, the school will add many more laurels to its name.

Student’s Name       – Vaibhav Joshi 

Parent                      – Mr. Naveen Joshi 

Designation             – Sr. Associate 

Company                 – R&G Architects International






KPS is a very nice school. It provides my child the right atmosphere to develop himself, not only in academics but also in the field of co-curricular activities. There are Parent-Teacher Meetings which help us to keep a track of my ward’s progress. Teachers of KPS are very experienced and friendly. Teaching process has become hi-tech in KPS after introduction of Educomp Smart Class, which help children learn things quickly as it acts as a visual-aid for them. My daughter, Himani Joshi also passed out from KPS and has excelled in every field being the topper of her class. All credits go to the well-managed teaching system of KPS. Now, I also advice my friends to admit their wards in KPS.

Student’s Name       -Indrita Dey

Parent                      - Mr.Indranil Dey 

Designation             - Sub-Inspector 

Company                 -CRPF






I am quite satisfied with the pace of development of my ward under the able guidance of Kamal Public School and expect that my ward would be able to achieve his goals. I am very impressed by the student friendly environment and the Smart Class equipped classes.

When I was transferred from Shillong to Delhi and got my child admitted to Kamal Public School,  I had many doubts in my mind regarding the further studies of my child but within three months of admission,  I became quite sure that I had taken the right decision for my ward. Today I feel proud to be a part of K.P.S. and pray to God that it might progress by leaps and bounds in the future by imparting fruitful education to the future generation.